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Recommended Reading: Microsoft's knack for predicting NFL games

Billy Steele

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How Microsoft Got So Good at Predicting Who Will Win NFL Games
by Tim Stenovec
Tech Insider

Have you been using Bing's sports predictions to make "friendly wagers" and set your fantasy lineups this football season? Microsoft's Bing Predicts team has been picking winners for NFL games, other sporting events, reality shows and elections for a while now. As it turns out, the small group of researchers employ machine learning to make the predictions and they've gotten better at it over time.

Here it is, Moog's Badass New Synth
DJ Pangburn, The Creator's Project

Moog revealed the Mother-32 semi-modular analog synth this week and The Creator's Project offers a bit of background on the new gear.

I Went to a Robot Cage Fight and Learned How to Be Human
Matt Simon, Wired

Robot cage fighting? 'Nuff said.

At Google, Breathing Room for New Ideas
Alistair Barr, The Wall Street Journal

The autonomy of Nest, even after Google bought the company, is being used as a model for new projects under Alphabet.

Carrie On: Making Peace With Five Seasons of 'Homeland'
Andy Greenwald, Grantland

Homeland was a pretty good show... until it wasn't. Grantland's Andy Greenwald stuck it out, though, and offers a preview of the new season that begins this Sunday.

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