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Apple buys an AI startup with eye on better photo management


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Apple's acquired a startup with a keen focus on developing artificial intelligence systems that run locally on your device rather than at an offsite server farm. In Perceptio's case (why does every start-up sound like Aviato now?), it's using deep learning for photo classification rather than other mundane tasks, according to both Bloomberg and ReCode. The latter notes that Facebook and the like do this with cloud processing but Apple is incredibly big on not storing user-data offsite. So it makes sense that the company would be interested in bringing this sort of imaging tech to its handsets and computers -- especially considering that new camera the iPhone 6s series is sporting.

This purchase could point toward a smarter Photos app, or it could be nothing at all. Giant tech companies buy smaller ones all the time and Apple's no stranger to that. But if Tim Cook and Co. can make using the imaging program less frustrating as a whole, we'll really be in business.

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