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Spotify's Android app now works with MirrorLink in-car systems

Billy Steele

If you've been looking for another way to access Spotify playlists in your car, you might be in luck. MirrorLink-compatible in-car systems play nice with the music streaming service thanks to a hand from an app called RockScout. The MirrorLink platform lets you access content on your phone using your car's dashboard controls, especially those rotary knobs and touch interfaces. While it may not provide fewer distractions, it might keep you from futzing with your phone to change songs while heading down the highway. Working with MirroLink's entertainment systems means Spotify will be available for even more in-dash systems as it's already available on CarPlay and Android Auto. If you're looking to give it a go, you'll need to download the RockScout Android app as that piece of software allows "participating Android apps" work with MirrorLink.

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