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ICYMI: A cold foam heart, fast oil change invention and more


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Today on In Case You Missed It: Castrol invented an oil-storing apparatus that lets you change the oil and filter by swapping in a fresh container under two minutes. It's already inside an Aston Martin racing car but the company's goal is to get it into mainstream consumer cars within a few years. Meanwhile Cornell scientists invented a polymer that has pores and can pump fluids, allowing it to act as an artificial foam heart. And a Tokyo-based eyewear company will begin selling its smart glasses next month. The classically-styled eyeglasses can track movement and are definitely less nerd-defining than the telltale Google Glass version.

We also included a 3D-printed railgun that makers will enjoy seeing, since some of its parts were 3D-printed. And because you'll want to send this to someone you grew up with, here's the video of the adult-sized Little Tikes car.

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