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BeeLine brings easy GPS navigation to your bike


It's easy to get navigation on your bike through dedicated GPS or a smartphone cradle, but that doesn't mean that navigation is easy. How are you supposed to pay attention to turn-by-turn directions when you're busy dodging potholes? BeeLine thinks it can help. It's crowdfunding a navigation device that purposefully simplifies your directions down to an arrow and the distance left to go -- it's like a compass that points only to your destination. You don't have to squint at the display to figure out where you're going, and there's no pressure to follow a specific path when you're content to take a leisurely route. The puck-like design is small enough to clip on to your keys (and thus less likely to be stolen), and its e-paper screen helps the battery last for a month's worth of riding.

You'll need an iPhone or Android phone to set those directions, but that's also what makes the BeeLine relatively cheap. A pledge of $54 or more should get you a unit, and even the roughly $90 retail price isn't outlandish. Provided the creators make their funding goal, you'll have that smarter route-finding on your handlebars by August 2016.

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