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Mercedes Vision Tokyo Concept is a minivan for millennials


Mercedes-Benz believes that the next generation of drivers would much rather interact digitally with their machines than actually be behind the wheel. To satiate the desires of these tech-obsessed passengers, the company re-imagines the minivan as a rolling, autonomous lounge called the Vision Tokyo Concept. The silver lozenge debuts at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.

Gallery: Mercedes Vision Tokyo Concept | 16 Photos

With its rounded edges, plentiful glass, and satiny Alubeam paint, the Vision Tokyo looks like a minivan from the high-tech future out of a William Gibson story. Up front, the windshield wraps all the way around, and the side glass is screen-printed in silver for privacy. The massive grille is illuminated and can even show the sound pattern of the music playing inside. Meanwhile at the rear, red LED lights surround the oval window.

While the exterior is fairly minimalist, the Vision Tokyo puts its biggest emphasis on pampering the five passengers inside. They enter through a massive gullwing door in the concept's side, and rather than traditional rows of seats, there's a wraparound couch. Once comfortable, occupants can use LED screens on the walls, and in a truly sci-fi touch there's a holographic entertainment system in the center. Should someone actually need to drive, a seat can also deploy from the couch, and a steering wheel slides into position.

Riding in this metallic chariot at least isn't too bad for the environment. The powertrain combines a hydrogen fuel cell and batteries capable of inductive charging. In total, the combo would offer a claimed range of 609 miles – 118 miles purely on electricity and 491 miles from the H2. That kind of driving distance should keep the digital party inside rocking for quite a wild night.

Check out the high-res image gallery above and the video below. And for more, stay tuned for our live coverage from the Tokyo Motor Show.

Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo Concept

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