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Toyota's concept car duo couldn't be more different


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One car; fashioned from chrome alloy, exposed suspension and steampunk dreams. Another? See-thru turquoise-hued glass, white spiderweb frameworks, and a hydrogen-powered heart. Toyota's concept cars take very different creative routes with the humble automobile. The more rustic "Kikai" is an attempt to draw out the literal inner beauty of cars, showcasing mechanical parts that aren't usually seen. Tires and suspension take pride of place, while a tiny window in the floor the carriage lets passengers see what's going on underneath the car. Then there's the FCV Plus...

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In the futuristic second concept, because it's all done by a fuel cell, the FCV concept is gifted with a more spacious cabin, although the rear seats don't look like the most comfortable in the world. However, that hydrogen cell can power your entire house if you've got the hydrogen to spare. Each wheel has its own engine, while the contours of the car help to mask the wheels, adding a bit of hovercraft futurism to the package. We'd seriously love to take a peek at Toyota's concept labs.

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