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Playdate's Halloween Horror Hangover: 'The Park' and 'NOCT'


Thought our week of spooky Twitch streams was over? Not quite: there are just too many deliciously creepy games out there to cram into just two Playdate streams, so we're giving you a bonus -- Engadget's Halloween Horror Hangover. Join us as we explore the terror of losing a child in an seedy amusement park (in the appropriately named The Park), right here at 6PM EST (3PM PST), at or on the Engadget Gaming homepage. Not scary enough? Fine: we'll also be checking out the terrifying, monochrome monsters of NOCT.

Playdate's Halloween Horror Hangover 'The Park' and 'NOCT'
[We're streaming these PC games at 720p through OBS, so rest assured that they'll look dramatically better on your setup at home.]

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