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Smart projector aims to bring the big screen home wirelessly


There's nothing better than a projector in your living room for movie fans. But for many people, setting one up isn't exactly easy (though it's doable if you put in the effort). There's complicated wiring to deal with, and they're also pretty bulky. French startup AV Concept Products is hoping to solve these issues with the All in One HC (AIO), its new Android-powered smart projector. It's fairly slim, it can spit out a decent 720p image (yes, a 1080p version is in the works) with 1,000 lumens in a brightly lit event space, and it supports AirHDMI, which lets you transmit video from any device with an HDMI port. The big problem? The company is currently targeting a $1,499 price for the AIO, though you can snag one via Indiegogo for $999 and $1,299 at the moment. Those are all pretty steep prices for a projector without 1080p, but AV Concept Products tells us it's also working on a subscription plan to ease the pain. It's hoping to raise $50,000 in its crowdfunding campaign over the next 35 days.

Basically, you're paying a big premium for a slightly easier, somewhat-wireless projector experience. Since it runs Android, you'll be able to run things like Netflix and HBO Now right from it. But you'll still need to find something to use as a screen (though a nice white wall is always an option). And if you actually care care about movies, you're out of luck when it comes to surround sound. The AIO currently supports Bluetooth audio and the high-quality Apt-X codec, but that's not going to be enough to satisfy anyone looking for a seriously Dolby Digital or DTS 5.1 speaker experience. AV Concept Products says it's working on a way to deliver true surround sound at some point.

Given that you can find great 1080p projectors between $500 and $800 these days, the AIO has a long road to travel before its viable for most consumers. But perhaps in time, when AV Concept Products creates a 1080p version that can handle real surround sound and has a more affordable price, it might be worth looking at.

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