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Google's 'About me' is your all-inclusive profile for the company's apps

Billy Steele

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In its on-going quest to strip Google+ down to its frame, Mountain View has spun yet another feature from the sputtering social network as a standalone item. A new "About me" page is Google's one-stop shop for updating your profile details across the company's arsenal of apps. Changes made here will update how your personal information is display in the likes of Google+, Photos, Drive and more. In terms of what's included, About me displays all of your contact info, education, work history, places, gender, birthday and more. If your Google+ profile is listed as public, the information here, and across Google's apps, will be as well. Not to worry, you can lock down individual cards as private should you choose to do so. The company says it's also working on a way for users to see what their profile will look like to those ogling it. If you're unsure about your security settings across Photos, YouTube and other apps, there's a handy link to Google's Privacy Checkup tool at the bottom of the page. Ready to check it out? You can do just that via the source link below.

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