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Indiegogo and Brookstone want to deliver crowdfunded products faster

Billy Steele

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One of this biggest issues facing crowdfunded products is the amount of time between backing a project and when you actually receive the goods. Indiegogo is looking to do something about that with the help of the tech-minded retail store Brookstone. Aspiring startups and makers can submit ideas to a specific page of Indiegogo's site where the retailer will offer design, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, sales and customer support to selected projects. As you might expect, Brookstone won't just back any ol' idea, as the store is looking for items that fit its reputation for technology, wellness, home and travel wares. There will also be a "Funded with Indiegogo" section of the company's retails stores that'll include products like the Fizzics beer dispenser and Axents's Cat Ear Headphones. The partnership seems like a win for both companies as Indiegogo's inventors have the opportunity to tap into an established product chain and Brookstone can use the crowdfunded projects to stock its shelves with new items.

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