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Todoist is bringing its popular productivity app to Windows 10

Billy Steele

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Todoist's take on the to-do list is handy for keep your daily agenda organized, and now it's available for Windows 10 users. The free productivity app is available for Microsoft's operating system as a preview, syncing those important tasks across mobile and desktop devices. And yes, it will update across operating systems too, in cause you need to tuck your Surface Pro 4 away and check your to-do list on your iPhone or Android handset. Many of the tools are held over from desktop, iOS and Android versions of the app including setting due dates, managing tasks and collaborating with your colleagues. Just like the add-on for Gmail, there's an Outlook extension that allows you to turn emails into tasks with a click or tap. For larger screens like the Surface tablets, Todoist offers a three-pane view to help keep things organized and easy to find. While the app supports Live Tiles now, it'll also play nice with Cortana in the near future. If you're looking to give it a shot, the Todoist preview is available in the Windows Store now.

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