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ICYMI: Robotic cats, Kickstarter fails and more


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Today on In Case You Missed It: In today's cautionary tale, the recordbreaking drone company Zano Drone is going belly-up after shipping only 100 of the roughly 15,000 drones ordered. Hasbro's latest foray into robotics has us all shouting from the tallest meowtain, because they've launched companion cats that purr and meow and are generally fantastic. NASA's latest robot is less cuddly but perhaps has more scientific importance: The humanoid Valkyrie, weighing in at 210 pounds, will be shipped to US colleges where AI students will develop programs for NASA's upcoming Space Robotics Challenge.

We'd also like you to enjoy the video of a Dad who doesn't quite get his son's GoPro-- and walks around Las Vegas on vacation with it recording while pointed at him rather than the view.

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