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Shyp will now deliver your eBay packages, with no fee

The normal $5 fee will be waived through January 31st.

Delivery startup Shyp has teamed up with eBay to deliver items, just in time for the holiday shopping season. The process seems fairly straightforward: Sellers simply need to connect their eBay account to the Shyp app, select the sold items that need to be delivered and a Shyp worker will be around in 20 minutes to "take care of the rest." The best part is, the delivery service will be waiving the standard $5 fee up until January 31st. As TechCrunch notes, eBay users tend to rate sellers based on the timeliness of package delivery, so the incorporation of such a quick and convenient service would help in maintaining seller statistics and customer satisfaction. Shyp will be available to eBay merchants well after the holiday season, but post-January 31st, the promotional period will end and you'll have to pay the standard fee.

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