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Amazon UK brings one-hour Prime Now deliveries to Manchester

Wigan, Warrington, Stockport and Oldham are also eligible for Amazon's super-fast delivery service.
Matt Brian, @m4tt
12.15.15 in Internet

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With Christmas less than two weeks away, Amazon wants to be there for UK customers who are likely to leave their festive shopping until the very last minute. After its recent expansion in Newcastle, the online retailer has rolled out its Prime Now service in Manchester and surrounding areas, allowing Prime subscribers to get one-hour deliveries for £6.99 or two-hour shipments for no extra cost.

Amazon says it's now serving selected postcodes in Bolton, Eccles, Salford, Wigan, Stockport and Oldham. It has also confirmed it will continue deliveries right up until the "late hours" of Christmas Eve to cater for last-minute panic buyers.

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