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Image credit: Blaze

London's entire Boris bike fleet will soon have laser lights

Everything is better with lasers. Everything.
Image Credit: Blaze

Boris bikes have never been London's trendiest form of public transportation, although they picked up some much-needed style points earlier this year thanks to a laser-projected light system. At the time it was limited to 250 two-wheelers, but today Transport for London (TfL) has announced the trial will be expanded to all 11,500 Santander bicycles in early 2016. The Blaze Laserlight projects a green version of the standard cyclist symbol six meters in front of the rider, making them visible to pedestrians and traffic looking to pull out up ahead.

The new lights will be installed directly onto the frame of the bike and come on automatically at night, ensuring no energy is wasted during London's daylight hours. Santander is footing most of the bill -- roughly £768,000 of the £860,000 -- with the rest coming out of TfL's Cycle Hire Operational budget. London's roads can be dangerous for cyclists, especially in the heart of the city where traffic is most congested, so any additional lighting should be a boon to pedal-power enthusiasts.

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