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All 4 catch-up streaming comes to Amazon's Fire TV

Channel 4's app will also be available on the Fire TV Stick soon enough.
Jamie Rigg, @jmerigg
12.30.15 in AV

When you've gone about revamping and rebranding your streaming service like Channel 4 did this year, the next step is to get your app on as many platforms as possible. Just before Christmas, All 4 made its way to the PlayStation 4, joining the apps already available for other games consoles, mobiles, tablets, computers and various smart TVs and set-top boxes (including Google's Chromecast). Today the service expands to yet another device, with All 4 launching on Amazon's newest Fire TV and support for the older version and Fire TV Stick also announced as "coming soon."

All 4 was something of a missing piece in the Fire TV app selection, but with BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and Demand 5 already on board, all five major UK broadcasters are now up to date. To jog your memory, All 4 is an evolution of the 4oD service you may've used in the past, combining live TV with catch-up, shorts and other content from the broadcaster's various channels. Like the recently released PS4 app, however, the Fire TV version only offers access to the on-demand catalogue. Still, if you're feeling a bit delicate on New Year's Day, you can now sooth the pain with a couple of classic Inbetweeners episodes.

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