The other CES 2016 trend: Put a screen on it

When your product isn't standing out, why not add a display?

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The other CES 2016 trend: Put a screen on it

Wearables, 4K and 8K TVs, connected homes, and self-driving cars may be the mainstream themes dictated by multimillion-dollar corporations. But sometimes a concept pervades all corners of CES, from plucky startups to multinationals. This year: Put a screen on it. Adding a screen to something that usually exists without one seemed to pop up again and again. It's not always a bad idea, but it's nearly always an unusual one.

Gallery: CES 2016: Put a screen on it | 7 Photos

  • Recon's paintball mask with HUD
  • Lifefuels' Smart Nutrition Bottle
  • Xiaomi's Ninebot Segway Robot
  • BMW's concept car at CES 2016
  • 'Smart headphones' with a touchscreen on the can
  • Samsung's Family Hub smart fridge
  • Panasonic's smart beauty mirror prototypes
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