'Dangerous Golf' swaps fairways for chaos on June 3rd

The Scots never saw this coming.

If you think golf sims are too gentile, Dangerous Golf trades hushed tones and sedate play for exploding golf balls and wanton destruction. The title is the debut from Three Fields Entertainment, a new company from the co-founders of Burnout developer Criterion Games. In a tweet, the company revealed that it will arrive June 3rd on the Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PCs.

While the game appears to be pure anarchy, you do actually try to get a ball in a hole. But to maximize points, you need to also destroy things like champagne bottles, statues and dishes, or try to make Happy Gilmore-style trick shots. Instead of fairways and greens, you smash firebomb golf balls at "courses" like a medieval castle, gas station and kitchen. If none of this makes any sense, check out a pair of new gameplay videos and a trailer, below.