Do Cell Phone Signal Boosters Actually Work?

Ryan Kh
R. Kh|09.27.16

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Ryan Kh
September 27th, 2016
Do Cell Phone Signal Boosters Actually Work?
We are in the age of electronic hyper-connectivity, and cell phone users are becoming more and more reliant on the steady stream of data they both receive and transmit from their digital devices: in short, our digital devices have become a lifeline to our families, our friends, and to our work.
But, we are still in the early days of the 4G LTE era and there are many across the US and Canada who still grapple with the problem of unreliable cell phone signals. We have all at some stage experienced the frustration and anxiety of suddenly losing the cell phone signals whilst using a digital device at home, in a commercial building or in other situations.
A recent report in the Building Review Journal stated that more than 80% of all data traffic either originates or terminates inside a building, which just goes to show how critical it is that people working within a commercial space have access to 5-bar signal strength for clear voice calls and speedy secure data.
As we know, both employers and employees are setting aside traditional landline systems and relying more on their smart phones and tablets as their tool for communication, which means that a strong and reliable cell signal has become imperative to the successful running of a business.
Offices are particularly vulnerable when it comes to reliable cell signals, where high-rise locations situated far from street level cell phone towers, concrete construction materials, cinder block walls, and so on, all of which conspire to reduce cell phone service to a bare minimum.
There's a huge demand for effective technologies that can put an end to the frustration of low signal environments and the annoyance caused by smartphones failing due to weak cell signals. Which is why, innovative solutions such as cell phone boosters have become so popular.
An Electronic Fix for No-Signal Zones.
A cell phone signal booster offers a scalable solution to suit different settings - ranging from private homes through to large commercial work spaces. Commercial buildings, such as hotel complexes and hospital campuses, can benefit from commercial signal boosters that are capable of capturing and amplifying existing cell signals from all major carriers.
In a commercial environment, the antennas of the cell phone signal booster system bring in cell phone signals from all nearby towers, then, using a system of smaller antennas, the signals are electronically boosted and redistributed throughout the building. Signal power can be increased by as much as 32 times more than the existing incoming signal. Newer technologies boost Cell, WiFi, and HDTV signals simultaneously.
Improved Data Speed and Clear Outgoing Calls.
With installation of a cell phone signal booster system, all employees can enjoy full bar service on their digital devices at any location within the building; and the system also works in reverse, with in-office antennas collecting and boosting user signals to be sent back to the nearby carrier towers. There will indeed be a huge improvement in uplink capabilities, which allow for better connections for users, even though towers may be a considerable distance away from the workplace.
In addition, there will indeed be no more clipped or dropped phone calls; a consistently fast LTE data streaming is made possible, and all cell users will have the satisfaction of achieving uninterrupted voice and data access throughout the boosted commercial space. The upload and download times for data will change dramatically, voice quality will improve, and no longer will staff members be required to leave their desks to try and find that one elusive place in the office where their mobile device will work.
Your Wireless Network Will Remain Uninterrupted.
Some signal-boosting technologies work as a completely self-contained system, enhancing the services of all the major carriers located in your area. Importantly, they don't interfere with or piggyback onto your existing wireless Internet network - unlike other manufacturer's products. This means less power will be used to search for signals, so your employees will notice that their devices' batteries will last longer, perhaps for as much as an additional two hours of talk time.
Yes, cell phone signal boosting systems do work, and they work exceptionally well! They virtually guarantee full digital access for all cell phone users throughout a commercial workspace, and in doing so, can enhance productivity and safety, and completely transform an office dynamic.

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