How This Hosting Provider Became the Largest Netherlands Provider

Ryan Kh
R. Kh|10.01.16

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Ryan Kh
October 1st, 2016
How This Hosting Provider Became the Largest Netherlands Provider
Web hosting is the lifeblood of any business. Without it it's impossible to run your website reliably and efficiently. The Netherlands has one of the best Internet networks in the world. It's led to the growth of a number of high-quality hosting companies popping up.

One company that has excelled is HostSailor. It's grown to become the biggest Netherlands hosting provider around today, and it's all because it addresses the needs of its customers. So how did they manage to do it?

Providing a Full Service Package

HostSailor is so much more than a web hosting provider. It offers everything from domain registration to SSL certificates. It's important that hosting providers go further than ever before when it comes to increasing their range of services. Customers are increasingly demanding it.

Full Uptime

The fact is that without at least 99.9% uptime you're risking losing customers. And Google will also penalize you for not being up and running. Every good hosting provider must be able to apply updates without taking the entire service offline. And all downtime should occur during unsociable hours.

For example, HostSailor makes sure that any updates are performed in the middle of the night to minimize disruption.

A Scalable Hosting Solution

The needs of businesses can change in the blink of an eye. A spike in traffic or a business acquisition can change what they need from their hosting solution. They should have the option to switch packages without it costing them and without it causing serious disruption.

HostSailor has become one of the largest hosting companies in the Netherlands because its solutions are scalable. It's possible to scale up and down within a matter of hours.

The Right Support Services

There's nothing worse than experiencing a problem and not being able to find someone who can help. Some hosting customers either have support agents who're inexperienced or, even worse, no support agents at all. The right support services are vital for ensuring problems don't become persistent.

HostSailor offers great support services 24/7. The agents available are all experienced at what they do and they understand the technical side of hosting services and making a website work.

An Affordable Service

Ultimately, hosting services have to be affordable otherwise it's not financially viable for a business to sustain an online presence. And in a world where it's impossible to survive without an online presence customers are always comparing hosting providers based on price.

This doesn't mean that hosting companies have to short change themselves. HostSailor got this right by making more packages and more options. Customers who want to spend more have that option, whereas customers looking for a great deal also have that option.

Startup Support:

HostSailor was a start-up once and they know how hard it is to work without support. They were born out of the open source movement as they fully depend on many open source technologies such as Linux operating system and thats why they support Centos Web Panel Project. They prosper because of the technology and activism which comes from this movement. And they know that open source remains a key part of the Internet and the online life they seek to build. They've taken so much from the online community and Now is time to provide a new level of support to this community.

" We Are here to support the Internet, and to support you in making it awesome."​ CTO Shehab Ahmed


Doing right by your customers means understanding what they want from you. Engage with your customers and discover what they're looking for in a hosting provider. It's not just the key to winning in this industry it's the key to winning in business as a whole.

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