US carriers exchange replacement Note 7s after airplane incident (updated)

AT&T, Sprint and Verizon will allow customers to swap for a another phone.

A replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 started smoking and burned through the carpet on board a Southwest flight this week. Following the incident, one US carrier is allowing owners to exchange those replacement devices even though the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) hasn't issued a formal warning or recall yet. Sprint confirmed to Engadget it will allow customers to return their replacement Note 7 for another device at its retail stores "during the investigation window." The carrier says that it's working with Samsung "to better understand the most recent concerns" with the handset.

Here's Sprint's full statement on the matter:

"Sprint is working collaboratively with Samsung to better understand the most recent concerns regarding replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is also investigating the Note 7 replacement device. At this time, CPSC has not specifically said if customers should or should not use the replacement model. If a Sprint customer with a replacement Note 7 has any concerns regarding their device, we will exchange it for any other device at any Sprint retail store during the investigation window. We will provide additional information when the investigation has concluded."

So, what if you're on T-Mobile, AT&T or Verizon? Well, Recode reports T-Mobile will accept returns so long as they fall within its normal 14-day "remorse" policy. The carrier began offering replacement Note 7s to customers on September 21st, so if you got one that day, the return window has already closed. T-Mobile began selling the phone to new customers this week, so they still have time to take it back. See updates below for T-Mobile's return policy on the replacement Note 7s.

AT&T confirmed to Engadget that it will also allow customers to exchange replacement Galaxy Note 7s for another phone. Verizon says it will do so as well and that it will announce details on the process will be available soon for customers who have safety concerns about the second run of Note 7s.

Update: This post has been updated to reflect AT&T and Verizon confirmed that they too would offer exchanges.

Update 2: T-Mobile confirmed it is offering exchanges of Galaxy Note 7s (whether recalled, replacement or newly purchased models) for a full refund or another device, and that store reps are able to override the usual 14-day remorse policy, so if this incident has changed your mind about using a replacement, just go in and ask.

Update 3: A Verizon rep sent us this statement:

"Samsung is in the process of investigating the incident and is working with the authorities. When there is an update, we will make it available. Any Verizon customer concerned about the safety of their replacement Note 7 smartphone may take it back to the original point of purchase to exchange it for another smartphone beginning Saturday, October 8. Verizon online customers may also exchange their replacement Note7 smartphones at Verizon stores beginning Saturday, October 8."

Update 4: As of 7:30PM ET on October 9th, T-Mobile is suspending all sales and exchanges for replacement Galaxy Note 7s while Samsung investigates. You can read the full update here.