How Internet Changed the Way we communicate

Pimenov Maxim
P. Maxim|11.29.16

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There are over 600 million websites and over 500 million tweets sent on a daily basis to over 2.4 billion people in the twenty-first century. Today, more people can access information and share lots of things in a way that was not possible with the previous generation. The rise of the internet and social media use has changed the way people communicate, maintain friendships, live and work. Though there are people, who might argue that the utilization of the internet and social media have caused people to be more unsociable by driving them away from the physical world, spending lots of their time hiding behind screens. However, some individuals think the introduction of internet use in the twenty-first century has enhanced our relationship!

With the web, we no longer require offices, bars, homes or cafes to keep in touch with other people. We can do it right from where we are. It has begged the question: Are we disconnecting to people around us when we connect to the internet? Are we becoming antisocial by hiding behind the screen? Listed below are some of the top ways the internet has managed to change the way we communicate.

Online Conferences

Would you imagine conducting or attending a conference right from your home? The introduction of internet has made the online meeting to become a reality. In fact, it is fast and cheaper. More and more webinars are becoming the most preferred long distance communication in advertising, marketing and are the trend is slowly moving to workplaces to assist conferences with clients who are situated far away. The webinars have made it possible for people to be invited to see presentations or have a face-to-face chat via the use of a webcam.

Emergence of Online Relationships

The introduction of the internet has managed to introduce online relationships. Some people meet and date online while seated right at home. Before the introduction of the web, it required one to meet one another to date or start a relationship. However, with the internet, we can today date online and have an online relationship without physically meeting your mate.

Social Media - A Key Role

The Internet has made social media a reality! Social media uses the internet. The social media has made it possible for people to communicate with their families, partners, and friends on a global scale that only used to be on a local level. It has made it possible for one to keep friends alive especially those that are living far away. It has also enabled people to keep a large number of relationships at the same time. Imagine have over 1500 friends on a social media platform! That would not have been a possibility without the internet.

Source of News

Previously, people used to here news only through radios, television sets or newspapers. However, with the web, thousands of news sites and educative blogs contain articles, blogs, and contents written by top experts whom you could not get. It has made it possible for people to receive breaking news immediately they happen. People can also do research on their academic work by going through various blogs on the internet. For example, there is infographic design team that specializes in producing the best content on the web.
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