5 Best Reputation Management Software for Tracking Online Reputation

Pritom Das
P. Das|12.11.16

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When you attempt to manage your brand name online and with no online reputation management software, you might find yourself pulled in all angles. Literally. There's a lot that needs attention-- you have to keep tabs on your social media existence, your SEO rankings, discussions made on blog sites and the Web in general ... all these taken together can put a pressure on your present resources.

Eddie Madan, CEO of Edkent Media, one of the best seo and online reputation management company in Toronto says "Reputation management tracking software is helpful because it can detect and highlight any negative feedback. Today's market is ruthless and with many brands competing for supremacy, it helps to have a tool that realigns your brand's image in the public eye"

So why not make maintaining tabs on your online presence simpler and more reliable with reputation management software
  1. Brands Eye : Brands Eye is all-in-one online monitoring and insights tool- It can be utilized for Social CRM, Online Marketing Effectiveness, credibility and crisis management, new item advancement, marketing interactions planning, brand name strategy, recruitment, social networks tactical preparation, brand-new market growth, online community insight, sponsorship efficiency, API for relevant account holders and integration with your own information sources. Jointly, this tool makes you make better organization decisions. Its rate is $220 to $999 per month for software subscription.
  2. Naymz: To handle and determine your social reputation- You can construct your brand name by enhancing your skills profile and get it indexed, exchange platform to find and post ideas on social platforms straight and release endorsements from associates for included trust and reputation. Step your reputation and influence by getting repscore based on peer evaluations, social impact and transparency .
  3. Brand Guards software : This one is a business level credibility solution for financial sector- Cloud-based track record management software especially suitable for monetary sectors like banking and financial service organizations .You can likewise develop brand name enhanced material and see its progress. Price- $2499 each year.
  4. OwnerListens : For owners to organize your online track record- Get all the feedback (the good, the bad and the ugly) from your anonymous consumers privately and address them to grow your positive online feedback and evaluations in real time.
  5. Trackur : Trackur is the most convenient, accurate and economical track record management tool-- Get the details about you and your brand name's buzz online. Trackur is an online credibility and social networks tool that scans every content kind including news, blog sites, videos, images, online forums, etc. and reverts the information .

Max Soni ,CEO of famous online reputation management company Dotcomdigitalmarketing say about this software

As long as you utilize and depend on such reputation management software, you can save considerable time and effort while keeping tabs on your online existence

Also, the prompt notifications are there to ensure that you can react as quickly. And these tools help you stay on the very top of your game – so they're really a great investment
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