Top 10 Forex trading apps that every currency trader should know

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Kevin Nouse
December 18th, 2016
forex tradingOne of the most profitable and lucrative trading avenues since its inception, Forex trading commands a wider reach, now thanks to its online presence. However, the popularity of currency trading has reached a notch higher of late courtesy the advent of Forex apps. From the flexibility of trading on the go to choosing a broker to staying updated about news events in real time, these apps speak of convenience and efficiency from every angle.
So, what are the top Forex apps today?
  1. FXCM Trading Station Mobile
You have a robust free Forex app here which helps with great trading tools & smooth access to currency markets. The users here can place & manager trades on a whooping 56+ currency pairs. You can also have a demo practice for free with the app.
  1. TradeInterceptor Forex Trading
One of the most highly rated currency trading apps today, TradeInterceptor extends easy Forex trading in a breezy user interface. You will have a broad to choose your Forex broker and the app also provides detailed analysis on currency movements. A lot of traders have spoken highly about the app's price charts and streaming quotes.
  1. Apple iTradeMobile
It's Apple's own trading app which helps the Forex traders with real-time data and easy currency trading advantages. The app can support up till 3 CFD & PAMM accounts and allows fast currency buying and selling.
  1. FxWare Currency
If you are looking for top Android Forex trading apps, FxWare Currency is a fine pick for you. The app has fetched rave reviews with its real-time accurate exchange rates, in-built top calculator, currency changing panel for losses and gains & easy currency tracking facility. It allows the users to view charts as 1-day or 3-month or even 5-year.
  1. Daily Forex News & Analysis
To be a successful Forex trader you have to stay updated on the latest market news and trends on a daily basis to understand the course of the market- and Daily Forex News & Analysis would be your most helpful guide here with its steady stream of updated finance articles and news reports.
  1. FX Currency
When it comes to best smartphone apps for Forex trading, the list would be incomplete without the mention of FX Currency. It helps with an extremely credible currency converter and supports 160+ different currencies. Moreover, of late, it has also started offering resl-time charts & historical data.
  1. MetaTrader5
The app would be great for all those looking for automated FX trading as the app is equipped with in-build edgy trading script & expert trading advisor. You will also get detailed analysis of the technical strategies. And yes, you have it for free.
  1. XE Currency
You have a handy currency-conversion app here which extends live currency charts and rates. The currency conversion facility is available for all currencies around the world. The app is also bustling with the updated rates.
  1. BabyPips
The app is great to enhance your Forex knowledge resource with its easy and expert guides in trading in the real market as well as advanced triangular arbitrage and charting techniques.

10. aCurrency

The most notable aspect of the app is its offline currency conversion facilities even when you have internet connection. It supports up to 160 currencies.

While these apps assure an easier Forex trading, a true trader should not lose out on the basics when it comes to currency trade. Thus, when you are looking forward to get the best out of the Forex market, you should go on with your studies on best Forex trading strategies that will work, talks to experts and also an occasional demo practice won't hurt.
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