The Good and Great about Google Chromecast

Amit Sen
A. Sen|12.19.16

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google chromecastIt's the age of streaming services today where we all are increasingly vouching for Netflix movies or glued to Spotify songs or checking up with BBC iPlayer every now and then. But, would you really enjoy catching up the latest Game of Thrones season on your small PC screen. Won't it be actually worth to relish the grand game of epic battles right on your magnum LCD screen? You bet it would be. And thus you have the Google Chromecast today.

A brief stint on Google Chromecast

So, what is Google Chromecast? Well, in simple words, it's a convenient HDMI dongle which will enable you to cast streaming contents wireless to your television screen. You can say it's here to make your TV "smart", in tune with the contemporary smartphone genre. The good news is that last year only Google came up with Chromecast 2 which assures a more responsive, faster performance compared to its previous version. It has arrived with its updated Google Chromecast app which will help you to browse out compatible apps & specific contents of your choice.

How does it work?

You would have to plug the Google Chromecast dongle into the HDMI slot on your TV. It does not come with a remote and your computer or smartphone would act as the remote here. Make sure to download the Chromecast app on your phone. If you are using your Mac or Windows PC or Chromebook, power it up with latest Chrome browser. The chromecast & your computer or smartphone should be connected to same Wi-Fi. The moment the Chromecast & the controller device recognize one another, you can immediately start broadcasting your favorite streamed programs on your TV.

Why to go for Chromecast?
  • Supports versatile contents
One of the main reasons to have Chromecast in your living room is that it supports a versatile range of streaming contents. Added to movies, TV shows, sports events and other entertainment programs, the dongle is handy to showcase your photos and presentations too on bigger screens. And yes, it even enables you to enjoy your games. Chromecast users can cast while tabs or sites from Chrome browser installed on Macs or Windows PC or Chromebooks.
  • Compatible with all popular streaming apps
The best bit about Chromecast is that it's compatible with all major apps. Google Chromecast will play Amazon Prime Video for you, enable you to catch up with the latest seasons on Netflix, assure a great family time with PBS Kids, keep you updated about current affairs with BBC iPlayer and so on. Whether it's the sports apps or the favorite music apps or the video apps, Chromecast gels well with all.
  • Most convenient setup
Google Chromecast assures the most convenient setup compared to other streaming devices in the market. With other streaming devices, you would need to sign in to different accounts for streaming contents. But you have no such hassles with Chromecast. Moreover, it does not require any remote as your PC or smartphone could play a similar role here.
  • It's affordable
Finally, yes, Google Chromecast is way affordable compared to other streaming boxes around.

Of late, Google has also released Chromecast Ultra which can broadcast the streaming contents at a grand 4K resolution power with cutting edge HDR color technology.

If you have not got your Chromecast yet, make your festive season wee grander by rooting for the Google genius now.
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