Gunners are vouching for Nitro piston air rifles today

Amit Sen
A. Sen|12.21.16

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Nitro piston air riflesA hunter's best buddy, air rifles are your thing when you are out for the beasts. They are also handy when it comes to recreational shooting, pest control and a must for Air Rifle & Air Pistol at competitive sports events like the Olympics. Over the years, the air gun sector has witnessed a vast range of developments and the once-popular spring gun technology is being steadily replaced today by Nitro piston air guns. So, why it is that the nitro option so popular today? How does it work and where does it score over the traditional rifles.

How does the nitro piston technology work?

To start with, the nitro piston technology was first officially introduced in the early quarter of 2009. The first ever gun to be armed with such an advanced technology was NPSS (Nitro Piston Short Stroke) by Crosman.

Nitro piston gun is like your age-old spring gun yet without the usual spring. The nitro piston air gun technology trumps with its handy nitrogen-filled cylinder in the place of coiled spring. The cylinder already stays under the pressure while inside the air gun and the user has to exert more pressure on it while cocking the rifle. The air would be held tight under tension till one pulls the trigger. As you pull it, pressurized air inside the gun expands & nudges that piston further. Now, the piston would abruptly come at air-transferred port- the compressed tight air will have no place to go to and would slide behind the gun's pellet. As it happens, the chamber would be sealed completely and the pellet would be forced right out of barrel and you will have your shot.

Why it's worth taking to nitro piston gun?

Lesser recoil

Nitro piston air rifles come up with a good share of winning cards up their sleeves and this is surely one of them. Compared to conventional spring guns, the nitro piston option assures lesser recoil. The biggest benefit of less recoil lies in high rate of accuracy during shooting and that applies even to mid-level or average shooters. The accuracy level will stay intact even when the hand isn't held in same position every time you shoot. This is never possible with spring guns and with the traditional technology, the accuracy would be affected if the hand changes position during shot cycle. Besides, with lesser recoil, lesser practice would be needed to hold your gun.

It's way faster

Another point where nitro piston rifle technology scores higher over conventional guns is speed. Yes, the modern counterpart is a whooping 55 percent faster compared to spring coiled gun & 15 percent faster in comparison to plain gas piston. Thus, with nitro piston technology, the shooters will have the benefit of quicker lock time and better the lock time, more perfect would be the accuracy. In simple words, nitro piston guns are here to make your shooting experience better.

It's lighter

Yes, nitro piston air rifle is always lighter over the traditional guns. It means great convenience for all the shooters who have to carry a gun for long hours and have to travel miles in woods.

Can stay cocked longer

Convenience is the middle name for nitro piston air guns and here you have the facility to leave your rifle cocked for a long time- much longer than spring guns. With spring guns, you cannot keep the gun locked for long as it will rip the spring off its strength, resulting to reduction in gun's accuracy and power. However, when a nitro piston owner would not have to deal with such fuss and nothing will wear out with the rifle when kept cocked for a lengthy time-spread.

Can withstand extreme weather

A springer is most likely to be affected by weather while the advanced nitro piston air rifle would stay unnerved. With spring guns, you have the problem of the spring turning harder in the colder months which will eventually slow down the gun and create difficulties in cocking. But with a nitro piston option, you have the nitro cylinder fitted with a specialized lubrication and hence it won't get hard as the cold chill starts to hit.

Nitro piston air rifles are a favorite of the shooters and gunners today and there are several brands out there flooding the market with these guns. But then, make sure to take a proper market survey before choosing your brand.
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