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Domino's Pizza brings one-tap ordering to Apple Watch

Request a Texas BBQ from your wrist.

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If you're a Domino's Pizza addict, there's now a faster way to get some fresh slices hurtling towards your front door. The company has updated its Apple Watch app with "Easy Order," a feature that lets you set up a specific basket and then, when hunger strikes, order it again with a single tap. In the past that's been facilitated through the Domino's phone app and a physical button, but now it's available on the wrist too. If you're new to the whole experience, you'll need to visit the website first to set up your order. Once that's done, however, you should never have to do it again, unless you want to change your preferred pizzas or delivery address.

As before, you can also use the Domino's Apple Watch app to track the status of your order. Useful if you're nursing a hangover and can't remember where you left your iPhone the night before.

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