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Tell your Volvo what to do with the Microsoft Band 2 this spring

Unlock the doors, turn on the heat, start navigation and more.

CES has become more and more of a car show in recent years, and automakers continue to look for ways to fit smartphone and wearable connections into their vehicles. The latest attempt comes from Microsoft and Volvo, who have partnered to make it possible to chat with your car via the Microsoft Band 2. Once your car is set up using the Volvo on Call app, you'll be able to speak to it with the Band 2 -- it'll let you set navigation, turn on the climate control system, lock the doors, flash the lights or sound the horn. (The latter two seem particularly useful if you can't find your car in the parking lot.)

As is so often the case with many of these connected car apps, it's probably a lot easier just to use traditional car controls to handle many of these activities. Though, being able to ask your Band to navigate to a particular location could come in handy, and flashing your lights when trying to find the car in a crowded parking lot is smart as well. I'm just not convinced that using your voice to unlock the car or turn on the heat is any easier than doing it through standard methods. Either way, if you're a Volvo owner who wants to give this a shot, the feature will roll out this spring.

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