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Design the 18th century wig of your dreams

With the Victoria and Albert Museum's app, you won't need pig fat paste to hold it in place.

If you've got a few hours to kill, London's prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum has just launched an app called "Design a Wig" that lets you design a magnificent 18th century perruque. Even if you've never remotely desired to do such a thing, it's pretty addictive. You start by drawing a crest of hair in any shape you want, add frilly accessories like fans, ribbons or even an entire ship, top it off with powder and Adzooks! You've got yourself a society-ready wig.

As the museum points out, you get to have the fun without having to subject yourself to horsehair padding and pig fat paste, as haut de gamme women did in the day. You also don't have to tolerate a protective cone of shame (above) while someone applies the scented powder. On the other hand, you won't get a dramatic ballroom entrance with several courtiers assisting, but you can get minor bragging rights by sharing your final creation on social networks.

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