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Reddit published some of its best AMAs in a book

You, too, can own a hard copy of internet Q&A sessions.

Have you enjoyed Reddit's Ask Me Anything sessions so thoroughly that you want a physical collection to cherish for posterity? Well, like it or not, it's here. Reddit has published the first book anthologizing the site's many celebrity Q&A chats, including those with Bill Gates, Bette Midler and Spike Lee. There's even artwork and introductions from redditors, just to lend it that community-made flair.

The whole idea sounds a bit silly, especially when you realize that you're paying $35 ($5 for a Kindle edition) for content that you can still read for free online. It won't be a quick read, either, at 400 pages. Look at it this way, though: if Reddit ever disappears in a puff of smoke, this will help you remember the good times.

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