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Syfy Labs fires up its 3D printers, lights and VR at CES

But you don't have to actually attend CES to get the experience.

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Syfy has always been willing to experiment with tech that promotes its shows -- Hue lights, the Defiance game/show tie-in -- and now it's launched the Syfy Labs "think tank" to crank out even more oddities. Here at CES, the network has a booth featuring some of its initial projects, like 3D printers from MakerBot cranking out figurines. If you have one of the devices at home, you can download the plans yourself and create the same models -- all without going through a CES 2016 security checkpoint.

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For those attending the show, there's a demo room for its Sync with Hue experience to show off what the content-aware lighting could do for your living room. Finally, there's a way to try out its The Expanse VR app, which is already available for Google Cardboard, and will be out later this month for Samsung's Gear VR headset.

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