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TalkTalk finally rebrands Tesco's old Blinkbox service

It's now TalkTalk TV Store and TalkTalk TV Player.

A year ago Tesco abandoned its various Blinkbox businesses, which spanned TV, movies, music and ebooks, by either closing them down or selling them off to the highest bidder. The TV and movie streaming portion was acquired by TalkTalk and today, the service is finally taking on a new form. Head over to the Blinkbox website and you'll see the new "TalkTalk TV Store" logo, which Pocket-Lint reports will soon be paired with a matching domain. Likewise, the Blinkbox apps are now TalkTalk TV Player, bringing everything in line with its broader TalkTalk TV branding.

The underlying service hasn't changed, however. It's still an iTunes-style storefront where you can rent or purchase individual movies and TV shows. So unlike Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, there's no monthly subscription option. Still, it gives TalkTalk customers -- and anyone for that matter, as you don't need a TalkTalk package to sign up -- another way to watch some of the latest releases soon after they've left the cinema.

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