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Time Warner Cable: 320,000 customers may have been hacked

The FBI informed the cable company of the potential breach.

Time Warner Cable (TWC) may have a data breach on its hands. The cable outfit told Reuters that up to 320,000 customers' email passwords were potentially comprised, either through phishing or hacking of third-party companies that store TWC customer information. The FBI notified the company of the possible attack, saying that some of its customers' emails and account passwords "may have been compromised."

There's a frustrating lack of details about the situation, and Time Warner Cable has yet to determine the exact cause of the breach or even if it actually happened. However, the indications are that TWC's own servers weren't compromised, and that potential attackers got the information via other means. For now, the cable giant is contacting customers who may have been affected and advising them to change their email passwords just in case.

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