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'Homefront: The Revolution' coming to the US on May 17th

The open-world shooter arrives on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Linux.
Steve Dent, @stevetdent
01.12.16 in AV

After switching studios twice, Homefront: The Revolution will finally be released in North America on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 on May 17th, while Europe and other regions will get it on May 20th. If you're interested in an earlier look, a beta will arrive exclusively to consoles in February. The futuristic guerrilla shooter is the sequel to the original Homefront, and has the same Red Dawn-style premise of a foreign power (North Korea, of course) occupying the US. Unlike the original, however, the action takes place in an open world, namely dystopian Philadelphia in the year 2030.

The original Homefront was developed by Kaos Studios, with storytelling from none other than John Milius, the director of the original Red Dawn. It eventually ended up with Crysis developer Crytek after Kaos' parent company THQ went bust and sold off its assets. However, Crytek had its own problems in 2014 and sold off Homefront to publisher Deep Silver, which is releasing the game under the new Deep Silver Dambuster Studios label.

That messy history aside, the game puts you in the skin of scrappy US rebel Ethan Brady, fighting the high-tech "KPA" North Korean army with home-made explosives, small drones and other improvised weapons. Though your efforts may not cause a huge impact, the idea is to win public support to eventually gain victory. Given the Crytek connection, the game will provide all the audiovisual atmosphere you'd expect, including features like procedural daylight and dynamic weather. You can judge that for yourself in the latest "This is Philadelphia" trailer below.

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