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Meet the last virtual assistant you'll ever need

Take back your free time with a lifetime of EasilyDo Premium, now 90 percent off.

We could all use a little help in our busy, day to day lives. EasilyDo is a virtual assistant that will add hours of free time back into your life by syncing with your email, contacts, calendars, and social networks to provide a streamlined, actionable list of tasks that you can take care of right from your iOS or Android device. For instance, it will remind you to send best wishes to a friend on their birthday, and let you know what time to depart to arrive to their party on time. There are tons of potential use cases to boost your productivity, and for a limited time, Engadget readers can get a premium lifetime subscription for just $19.99—a full 90 percent off MSRP.

With EasilyDo, you can:

  • Receive updates on your package shipping status

  • Be notified of a gate or departure change on flight itineraries

  • Update your contacts lists when EasilyDo digs for contact info hidden in emails

  • Save time going through your emails, because EasilyDo notifies you which emails need a response

  • Keep your event confirmations, like restaurant reservations and movie tickets, in one place

  • Stay current with your contacts' birthdays and anniversaries, then draft best wishes to send

  • Automatically save docs to Dropbox

  • Set alerts for emails and auto-forwarding

  • Much, much more

If you're ready to take back your free time and boost your productivity, EasilyDo is for you. Don't miss out on this lifetime offer for just $19.99, which is 90 percent off its retail value.

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