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Netflix and E4 team up for 'Kiss Me First' gaming drama

The six-episode season goes into production this year.
Image Credit: Sam Barnes / Alamy

Netflix is a proven producer of top-tier TV shows, so it should come as no surprise that traditional broadcasters now want to collaborate on new projects. Today, Channel 4 announced that it's teaming up with the streaming giant for a show called Kiss Me First, which follows two girls and their dual lives in the real world and a video game called Agora. It'll premiere on E4 in the UK before being shown on Netflix around the world. The six-part drama won't be available to British Netflix subscribers, although that shouldn't be too much of a problem given that All 4 is essentially free to use (you'll have to sit through the ads though).

The show is based on a young adult novel written by Lottie Moggach. It follows Leila, a 17-year-old girl, who quickly becomes addicted to Agora and meets Tess, a "confident party girl" who also "harbours a dark secret." The pair become friends in the real world, but Tess soon disappears, leaving Leila to assume her identity in Agora and find out what happened. Each episode will be a combination of live-action and "computer-generated virtual world sequences" made with "state of the art animation." We'll reserve judgment until we've seen the first episode.

"We hope to thrill and mystify our audience on a headlong ride through emotions, intrigue and virtual reality."

Kiss Me First is being written by Bryan Elsley, best known for the Channel 4 shows Skins and Dates. The series goes into production this year, but there's no word yet on when it'll actually be available to stream.

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