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Skype makes it easy to start work calls in Slack

Start voice and video calls inside the popular office chat room app.
Billy Steele
01.14.16 in Services

If you think the one thing Slack is missing is the ability to start voice/video calls, you're in luck. Skype released a preview version of its Slack integration, allowing you begin calls inside the workplace chat room app. Once you add Skype's new feature to Slack, typing /skype in a chat window will offer a join link for your colleagues to call in.

Users on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and the web will all receive a Slack notification when a call starts. It certainly sounds less cumbersome than having to remember a dial-in and PIN for a weekly conference call. You don't need a Skype username to participate either, as the app's guest mode will accommodate those who don't have one. If you're looking to give it a shot, you can find out how to do so right here.

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