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Twitter's former CEO is working on a fitness platform

Dick Costolo is also backing other startups at the same time.

Dick Costolo hasn't been sitting on his thumbs since getting the boot from Twitter. The former CEO has announced that he's starting a new company whose software "reimagines the path to personal fitness." It'll stress motivation for exercise, he says, not just tracking your vitals. Costolo isn't saying when he expects products to be ready (he hasn't even mentioned a company name yet), but there's at least a roadmap.

He's also determined to help other startups, too. The internet luminary is joining Index Ventures as a partner, where he'll help fund promising new companies. It's potentially a wise hedge -- even if Costolo's own effort doesn't pan out, he can thrive on the successes of others. While he may not be as prominent as he was when he led Twitter, he's still going to exert some influence on the tech industry behind the scenes.

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