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Image credit: Dirk Verwoerd / Bureau Bos

Renault recalls 15,000 vehicles following emissions raids

There's no suggestion VW-style 'defeat devices' were used.
Image credit: Dirk Verwoerd / Bureau Bos

Groupe Renault is recalling 15,000 of its vehicles in the wake of the Volkswagen emissions scandal. French authorities publicly shone a light on the carmaker last week when fraud investigators swarmed multiple sites. Despite passing lab tests, it's said that the vehicles did not meet emissions standards in some real-world conditions.

Before the raids, officials had discovered inconsistencies between its spot checks and lab-tested emissions figures in four of the manufacturer's models. But there's been no accusation of foul play levied at Renault. Instead, it's implied that the lab tests were not sufficiently stringent to ensure an accurate measure for real-world use. The situation is in stark contrast to that Volkswagen faced last year. The German carmaker was using a defeat device to spoof its results in official emissions tests, and authorities do not believe such fraud was in play here.

Discussing Renault's decision with RTL Radio, the French minister of ecology Ségolène Royal said the recall would ensure the vehicles adhered to standards in all temperatures. "We can say that the [emissions] tests were insufficient," The Verge translates Royal as saying. "After the Volkswagen fraud scandal, we decided to conduct incontestable tests. But what we want is to save the automotive industry while guaranteeing consumer rights." Today's move comes following Renault's December pledge to spend €50 million ($54 million) to ensure its cars meet emissions standards in all conditions.

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