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Snapchat goes after the sports crowd with live score filters

Now you can show off to your friends when you're at an NBA game.

If there's one key area where Snapchat could step its game up, it would be sports. And it looks like the social app's already doing something about that. According to TechCrunch, Snapchat has started rolling out a set of new geofilters called Live Score, which let users inside NBA arenas share pictures and videos with real-time score overlays. The feature's also said to work with "some other matches," but it's not clear what these are -- NFL or MLS, maybe? Either way, be sure to try it next time you're at a live sporting event.

Altogether, this week's been a busy one for Snapchat. The service debuted a politics show yesterday too, in what was yet another move to broaden its reach and continue appealing to more people.

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