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Louis CK launches an online-only video series

And it co-stars Steve Buscemi.

Louis CK is no stranger to dodging conventional TV in favor of releasing his shows online, but his latest effort might take the cake. He just surprise-released the first episode of a new online-only video series, Horace and Pete, through his website. And it's not amateur hour, either -- the bar-themed show co-stars Steve Buscemi, while actors ranging from Alan Alda to Jessica Lange make appearances in the first video alone. It's not clear how long H&P will run, but there are hints that the first episode was shot just days earlier.

The comedian isn't straying from his previous formula for online shows, which makes this a bit expensive: you're paying $5 for one episode. It's available for both downloading and streaming, however, and the download is Louis' usual unprotected file that should play on just about anything. There's no guarantee that this will be a hit, but it demonstrates how quick and easy it is to cut the red tape and post professionally-made video online -- at least, if you're an established entertainer with money to spare.

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