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Samsung's Safety Truck concept starts testing in Argentina

The company plans to bring the screen-equipped trucks worldwide in four months.

If you've ever driven behind a slow semi-truck on a tight, two-lane road, you'd get the appeal of Samsung's Safety Truck. It's equipped with a camera up front, which sends a live feed to four weatherproof video monitors on the back. That lets you see what's ahead of the truck so you can plan when to safely pass it. It'll also give you a heads up on potential obstacles that could make a truck brake suddenly. Samsung unveiled the Safety Truck as a concept last year, but today it announced that it's testing it in Argentina, which sees plenty of accidents every year involving cars trying to pass trucks.

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While the current test is only a pilot program, Samsung says it's working on expanding the Safety Trucks throughout the rest of Argentina, and potentially the world, in four months. While it's not the most high-tech solution, it's a very practical answer to a fairly common driving problem.

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