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Final Cut Pro X now handles 4K export to some Apple devices

You can also start sharing videos to multiple YouTube accounts.

Final Cut Pro X didn't get the warmest of receptions when it was released in 2011. But Apple's made many changes to its video-editing software since, listening to user feedback and adding features that were missing from Final Cut Pro 7. And it keeps getting better. The latest version (10.2.3) of Final Cut Pro X brings 4K export to compatible Apple devices, such as the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, as well as the iPad Pro and new Apple TV. You can now share videos to multiple YouTube accounts too, which is useful for individuals who have channels with different purposes.

Naturally, you'll also find a set of bug fixes and overall stability improvements. An issue that's been addressed, for instance, is one where black frames would show up on videos imported from an iPhone, along with a handful of other problems. You can grab the updated Final Cut Pro X from the Mac App Store.

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