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ICYMI: Soft robot challenge, NASA's space sails and more

Space pirates will swashbuckle their way around with power from the sun.

Today on In Case You Missed It: NASA announced a space probe this week that will use solar sails to leave Earth's orbit; the first spacecraft from the agency to do so. It should go up in 2018 and its mission is to get a good view of an asteroid.

The RobotSoft Grand Challenge is coming in April so the Italian team is giving a mesmerizing glimpse of its octopus model. And a Kickstarter campaign would outfit average people in the material that keeps astronauts warm in space. OROS has jackets, gloves and hats made from a aerogel, which is warmer and much thinner than other insulating materials.

And finally, we enjoyed this video of an upcoming art installation, constructed with an algorithm to simulate a human's point-of-view. As always, please share any interesting science or tech videos, anytime! Just tweet us with the #ICYMI hashtag to @mskerryd.

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