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Kickstarter lists 100 facts from 100,000 funded campaigns

There were 170 fully funded Cthulhu-inspired projects -- who knew?
Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images

After almost seven years online, Kickstarter can now boast that it has 100,000 successfully funded campaigns under its belt. A photography project called Falklands/Malvinas: One War, all Wars by a Nat Geo photographer helped it get to that number when it reached its goal on February 8th. To celebrate the occasion, the crowdfunding portal has listed 100 pieces of trivia about those projects and the website in general. For instance, it apparently took Kickstarter 121 days to get its first 100 fully funded campaigns and but only 3 days to get its latest 100. The most successful creator on the website managed to reach the funding goal for 94 different projects.

Did you know that eleven films that came out of Kickstarter were nominated for an Oscar, while four creators won a Grammy? Not really that surprising, since Music is the category with the largest share of campaigns (22,133). When the website reported that it reached $2 billion in total pledges last year, it also revealed that it has 9.5 million users -- 9,088,422 of those users pledged money to fund 100,000 successful projects.

Clearly, a lot of people aren't deterred by reports that a good number of campaigns fail to deliver and continue to back those that look interesting to them. Number lovers can read all 100 bits of information on Kickstarter's website. It has loads of other amusing trivia besides the website's statistics, including the fact that someone reached his goal for a Shakespeare vs. Cthulhu anthology.

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