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Foursquare wants you to order food from its phone app

Why find restaurants to visit when you can have them deliver?

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Foursquare doesn't just want to help you find nearby restaurants these days... it wants to bring the food to you. It's partnering with to let you order food, groceries and even alcohol through its mobile app. It's technically kicking you over to's app to finish the order, but that's almost beside the point -- you can have that new Indian restaurant deliver some food rather than remind yourself to check it out later.

Is this going to help Foursquare turn a corner? It's hard to say. There certainly isn't a shortage of food delivery services, some of which have a big head start. Foursquare might not be the first place you turn to when you're feeling peckish and want to stay home. However, the company's many business customers are going to like it a lot. Foursquare's delivery option is that much more likely to turn their location info into paying customers.

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