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AT&T matches Verizon's $650 offer to swap carriers

Network will give you up to $650 credit if you switch from another carrier.
Richard Drew/AP Photo

AT&T has announced that it'll hand you up to $650 in credit should you choose to switch from another mobile carrier. If you're prepared to jump through the various hurdles, you'll be entitled to a pre-paid gift card equal to the value of your ETF or device balance. In addition, the network is letting you pair the deal with its buy one, get one free offer, enabling you to grab two shiny new devices at the same time. The offering is the latest in a long series of credit offers, with Verizon pushing its own offer to $650 last December.

America's mobile market is now so saturated that customers that are willing to switch provider are worth their weight in gold. At first, it was just ETF-based skirmishes between T-Mobile and AT&T, but things really warmed up when device subsidies went out the window. Then, every network was using its spare cash to get you out from under the yoke of their rivals. It wasn't long before everyone was escalating the amount of money they'd promise you, and now $650 seems to be the new normal. Of course, the question we feel we have to ask is: how sustainable is all of this?

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