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BMW iPerformance plug-in hybrids coming in July

The newly-branded iPerformance line of vehicles will have Project i plug-in hybrid tech.
BMW 740e iPerformance

BMW obviously has a long-term plug-in vehicle plan. Like megacity long. First hinted at in 2008 and finally announced in 2009, the Bavarian's EV march has gone through the MINI E, the ActiveE, and then the i3 and i8. There's got to be a detailed timeline chart taped to an office wall in Munich somewhere that we would love to get a glimpse of, but instead we just get bits and pieces of where BMW's going next. At least now know the next phase: iPerformance.

The new iPerformance models will be vehicles from the core BMW line-up that have plug-in hybrid technology that was first used in the i3 or i8. This technology includes the, "electric motors, battery cells and electronic control systems" and the first models to use some of the i Brand guts will be the plug-in hybrid versions of the 7 Series, like the new BMW 740e iPerformance. BMW is also going to throw in some of the now-standard blue accents that you might be familiar with form the i3 and i8, in case you don't recognize the outlet panel.

As for the continuation of the i vehicles (currently just that two-model line-up), we still don't know anything other than the rumors of an i5 or i6 or who knows what. You can read the full release about iPerformance here.

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