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Save hundreds on the Python Programming Bootcamp

Master this in-demand programming language with 50+ hours of hands-on, professional training.

Want to learn programming? Python is a great language to start with—It's widely used and multi-faceted, but easier to learn and understand than most other programming languages. Python has tons of real world applications, so skills are in higher demand than ever. Right now, Engadget readers can get lifetime access to the Python Programming Bootcamp, featuring over 50 hours of Python programming training for just $39—a full 96 percent off retail value.

This Python Programming Bootcamp is the last Python training resource you'll ever need. It features over 50 hours of professional, hands on training, spanning everything from introductory principles and concepts to more advanced techniques. You'll get hands-on, practical experience building your own apps with easy to follow, real-world examples. Plus, you'll have lifetime access to all course content so you can learn at your own pace and refresh your knowledge at any time.

Included courses:

  • Python Tutorial: Python Network Programming - Build 7 Apps ($299 value)
  • Python Made Easy: The Complete Python Developer Course ($199)
  • Python Programming: The Step-By-Step Python Coding Guide ($199)
  • Python For Offensive PenTest: A Complete Practical Course ($199)
  • A Gentle Introduction to Python Programming ($149)
  • Analytics, Machine Learning, and NLP in Python ($49)

If you're looking to add an in-demand skill to your resume or just want to pick up coding as a hobby, you can't go wrong with the Python Programming Bootcamp. Get it now for just $39, 96 percent off MSRP.

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